How do I become a member?

You can join our community by visiting us on Facebook and requesting membership. Make sure you read the rules before you join!

What are the member rules?

There is an entire page dedicated to the rules. Please read up on our group guidelines here.

I was banned. How can I reinstate my membership?

If you believe you were banned on accident, feel free to contact any of the admin (Earl Chessher, Hayley Coates, Miguel A. Rueda, Ted Atoka, Gary D. Holdaway) to solve the issue.

If you violated the group guidelines and were banned, you may still be able to rejoin the group. Get in touch with an admin and we’ll discuss your case.

What is self-promotion?

Links to your books, blog posts, promotions, author webpages, social media userpages, contests & submission calls (unless pre-approved by an admin, DO NOT POST), requests for likes or votes, member recruitment for other groups, etc. Basically, if you need to post a link, and you in any way will gain or benefit from a click-through, this is self-promotion, EVEN IF it seems relevant or asked for in thread.

As well, it is frowned upon to name drop your novel titles in comments on the board. Though no link is involved, there is no reason to say the title of your works except to connect your name to a series of books or blogs, ie, self-promotion. If you aren’t sure, PM an admin and we’ll let you know.

Can I share memes or start writing prompt threads?

As memes have a tendency to be overshared across writing groups on Facebook, and rarely promote discussion, FWG admins generally discourage members from sharing any memes. If there is a thoughtful reason as to why you are sharing a particular meme, please preface the image with your own thoughts.

Writing prompt threads, as well, are generally frowned upon, unless they are part of the group’s official weekly and monthly threads. (More info on weekly and monthly events to come!)

When is Promo Day?

Promo Day for authors is between the 14th and 15th of every month. Wait for the thread with the graphic to post. It will look like this one:

07 - July Promo

Promo Day for people that offer author services are on the 1st of every month. Wait for the thread with the graphic to post. It will look like this one:


What are FWG’s official weekly and monthly threads?

  • Author Services (1st of the month; single thread)
  • Promo Day (14-15th of  the month; single thread)
  • Buy My Book Mondays (#MonBook) – (twice a month on Mondays)
  • First Line Friday (#FLF) – (single thread; 1st Friday of the month)

When is the next anthology?

All anthology projects for Fiction Writers Group are currently on hiatus. If you have an idea for a great anthology, and the time to dedicate to leading the project (which usually requires, at minimum, six months), get in touch with an admin and we’ll see if it can become a group-sponsored effort.

What workshops are available through Fiction Writers Group?

Free workshops for members is a very new arm of FWG and is taking time to develop. This summer, FWG is hosting a free “Author Branding for WordPress.com” workshop, facilitated by our admin Ariel Hudnall. If you have an idea for a workshop you would like to run, get in touch with any of the admin with your pitch. We always welcome those with knowledge and experience to share. Workshop facilitators are allowed to request (but not demand) Paypal donations (“tips”) from participants at the end of their workshop.

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