Who We Are

Writers’ Anarchy traces its humble beginnings to the timelines of the Fiction Writers group on Facebook. A rapidly growing community, Fiction Writers is a discussion-based forum regarding all things writing. The group prides itself on its diverse, international member base and the camaraderie experienced therein.

In the latter part of 2012, an idea was proposed by a FWG member to create an anthology of short fiction, which would only accept submissions from writers within the group. The idea quickly gained traction amongst members, and Writers’ Anarchy was born.

The first volume of Writers’ Anarchy was a community-wide experiment. Fiction was accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis, from any genre or theme and any type of writer. The first volume was, for many members, their first opportunity to be published. Volunteers from within FWG helped with the editing, graphic design, layout, beta reading and critiques throughout the process, but the authors were ultimately the ones who had full control over the final version that was put into print. Writers’ Anarchy I featured twenty-two members from all across the globe, each with their own story to tell.

Writers’ Anarchy I was a learning process for everyone in the group, but more importantly, it awoke the latent potential of the community; since WAI’s publication, FWG has seen an astounding increase in new membership, with over one hundred new applicants every week. There has been so much interest in the short story anthologies that the project needed to expand, and now Fiction Writers hosts not only the Writers’ Anarchy series, but also its sister project, Anything Goes, and the flash fiction extravaganza, Flash It!

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