Member Rules

This post is for all new members of FWG on Facebook. If you aren’t a member, most of the links provided will not work. If you aren’t a member yet, what’s stopping you? Come and join us!

Welcome to the group!

We are your admins: Earl ChessherHayley Coates, Miguel A. Rueda, Ted Atoka, and Gary D Holdaway. We are here to make your time in FWG awesome, and to get you started, we’re going to walk you through some of the places you should know about.

The Rules:


Yes, FWG is a PROMOTION-FREE zone.

Once a month on the 15th, FWG hosts a single Self-Promo thread, where you are free to share your personal works and blogs posts, etc. That is the ONLY time you can self-promote. If we find self-promo outside of that thread, it’s gone. We’re very strict about this.

Self-promoting is quickest way to get yourself banned.

We consider self-promotion as any mention of your published works by name, as well as any link that can be traced back to you. This includes your websites and websites you’re affiliated with, blogs, social media pages, promotion pages, submission calls, article links, or other deliberate methods for promoting yourself. and titles. If you co-author, co-write, or even guest-write at a website, sharing links to that website is also self-promotion.

Media and comments that include your author name, links, logos, book titles, etc. (other than an unpublished book cover that you’re requesting critique upon) is considered self-promotion. Self-promotion posts will be removed without notice or explanation.

2. Actively Participate

This should be fairly straightforward, and this is what we’re all about. Post new topics, reply to others, ask questions, offer support and advice.

3. Respect Everyone

This shouldn’t have to be said, but I will anyway. Please be respectful to all members. Slander, harassment based on sex, creed, religion, race, nationality, publishing route or any other personal/professional attacks will not be tolerated. Posts of this nature will be removed without notification, with a warning to the offending poster, or banning.

If you are being harassed, contact an admin immediately.

4. Post NO Links without first getting majority admin approval

No links are currently allowed on FWG without admin approval. This includes all articles on the internet, blogs about writing, Preditors & Editors, Writer’s Digest, and any other online resource for authors. DO NOT POST a live link without prior admin approval, either as a new thread, or as a reply in a comment. These will be deleted on sight without the proper approval.

If there is an online resource you want to share, you can also provide the OP (Opening Poster) with enough information to Google it themselves. [i.e., “Check out Preditors & Editors or Writer Beware! for that publishing house before you sign a contract. They look a bit fishy.”]

5. Post NO Media (memes, images, movies) without accompanying context or comment

Links, images, and videos can be helpful, humorous, and inspiring, and they can make a great addition to your post. When sharing media, we ask that you provide a remark that invites conversation from the group. The text that you provide should be able to stand on its own. For example, “I thought this was funny,” or “I thought this was useful,” isn’t inviting conversation. If you can’t think of anything to say in regards to what you’re sharing, you can’t expect anyone else to, either. To that end, shared media without adequate remarks will be removed.

6. Non-writing related posts will be removed

7. Do NOT block an administrator

8. Administrator decisions are FINAL

See below, under GENERAL GUIDELINES for more information.

9. Trolls will be immediately banned and removed

10. Critique requests can not exceed 300 words

FWG is a huge community and critiques are a very involved process. Members are allowed to post excerpts of their work (up to 300 words) for critique, as long as it is infrequent. Requests for longer critiques may be posted by providing information on your genre, word count, time frame, and what you’re specifically looking for in the critique (plot holes, believable characters, grammar, etc.). These critiques should be handled over PM. Different people have different strengths, so you may get more beta readers the more specific you are.


11. Book covers are only allowed for critique & comments

Covers of PUBLISHED works should not be shared to the group. If your book is unpublished and you are looking for feedback, you can post your cover.

General Guidelines:

  • A FWG member may request a grievance hearing with all administrators for serious complaints regarding a perceived egregious administrative action. Proof must be provided … screen capture, private message threads, etc. or no hearing will be held.
  • Violating any rule will result in one warning. A second violation will get you removed. A third violation will get you permanently banned.
  • A graphic post announcement will introduce special events. Due to our international membership, FWG events will last two days each.
  •  No member may introduce her/his own exercise or event without first acquiring approval of the full administrative staff.
  • Any other questions regarding FWG rules and events, or what is allowed to be offered/presented by members. Ask.

Getting Started

It’s great if you are ready to jump right in and start asking questions; please do! But, we have a few threads that we think you should know about. They’re actually a great way to network, so I recommend giving them a look-through. You can find them all in the FILES section.

Member Websites/Blogs

List up to three websites or blogs that you curate or contribute on. Follow and check out other author sites as well!

Social Media Links

Are you on Facebook? Twitter? G+? Post up to three social hubs under your name, and find others to connect with.

Published Works by Members

Arguably the most important document here, list ALL of your published works, regardless of length. Make sure to post your works!

Market Directories

For those looking to place short or longer fiction in indie and traditional press, Ariel has put together a pretty extensive list of market directories and trackers and my various thoughts on each. We’re here to help you achieve your goals, so be sure to check this out.

Recommended Books on Craft

Started by another excellent member and contributor, this file is a virtual bookshelf of sorts, cataloging recommended books on the subject of writing itself. If you’re looking for help beyond the basic question on the board, this is a good place to start looking.

Pay It Forward Project

The Pay It Forward Project is designed to put the community’s large numbers to work in expanding readership and reach. Feel free to post in this file, but remember participation is give AND take: don’t leave links here if you are not planning on sharing other members’ titles, as well. Please contact Earl Chessher for full details on the project.

Writers’ Collective

Every now and then, you’ll hear us talk about various things and their acronyms. Let me explain those now:

FW/FWG: Fiction Writers Group
WA: Writers’ Anarchy
AG: Anything Goes
FI/FI!: Flash It!

You already know what FWG is, so I’ll spare you a repetition. But another one of our biggest group efforts are three short fiction anthology projects. Those anthologies are Writers’ Anarchy, Anything Goesand Flash It! Each anthology has its own set of submission guidelines, so please read the Submissions page on this website.

In addition to the above, FWG has also begun a free workshop initiative for our membership base. Learn more about current workshop by visiting Workshops. If you would like to propose your own workshop, please get in touch with the FWG admin.

Pretty neat resources, huh? If you’re feeling up to it, go ahead and post an introductory post so we can all say hello.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all. Keep smiling, and keep writing. 🙂

– Admin Team